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Sample & Recommended Patterns 

I highly recommend the patterns listed on this page.  I've either knitted these myself or collaborated with the designer. 


My criteria for these patterns:

  • Well-written and easy to understand.

  • Beginner friendly.

  • A great design to show off a long-colour-change gradient yarn or another style of coriand3r knits yarns.


Each pattern is owned and distributed by its respective designer or publisher.  Links on this page will open a Ravelry pattern page, Ravelry project page, or other designer websites. 


The only "design" by coriand3r knits is the Moebius Cowl Seed Stitch which is more of a recipe I wrote down in my Ravelry project notes.  It's based on publicly available tutorials and reference information from excellent online published knitting resources and knitting instructors.

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