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Recommended Patterns

I highly recommend the patterns listed on this page as a projects for gradient yarn, and usually have one or more of each as samples in my booth.  I have knitted each of them, often more than once, or have collaborated with a designer who has kindly shared their knitted sample while I continue to knit at the speed of frozen molasses.  ;) 


 Selected patterns are:

  • Well-written and easy to understand.

  • Beginner friendly.

  • A great design to show off a long-colour-change gradient yarn.


Each pattern is owned and distributed by their respective designers or publishers.  Links in this page will open a ravelry pattern page, ravelry project page, or other designer website. 


The only "design" by coriand3r knits is the Moebius Cowl Seed Stitch which is more of a recipe that I wrote down in my Ravelry project notes.  It's based on publicly available tutorials, and reference information from excellent online published knitting resources and knitting instructors.

I Can't Even

by Lynne Sosnowski



From Lynne's incredible mind, to your needles, this top leverages colour changing yarn and clever shaping tricks for a quick and easy summer knit. 


Yarn and pattern kits are available from coriand3r knits in a variety of colours, for all pattern sizes.

The sample is pictured in coriand3r knits Merino Silk Shawl Length yarn.


by Lynne Sosnowski



Director Baz Luhrmann is a film director, an auteur known for lavish sets, colours and set decoration like those seen in Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby.

Baz is a cowl that is delectable when made in a lavish yarn. Worked in coriand3er knits Yak & Silk, Baz is a sexy little underthing to wear around your neck. Worked in the more substantial Plucky Primo Sport, Baz is still opulent, but sturdy enough to confront even colder weather.

Featuring a lace motif that’s reminiscent of the ornate chandliers often seen in Luhrmann’s films, Baz is worked in the round from the bottom up. Instructions for the lace patterning are given both in words and charts.

The sample is pictured in coriand3r knits Yak Silk yarn.

Butterfly Shawl - Re-Emerged

by Danielle Comeau

Link: ​

When I first encountered this butterfly-shaped shawl at Spun Fibre Arts in Oakville, Ontario, I fell in love and immediately knew I had to knit a sample in one of my shawl-length gradients.  To accommodate for the 600 yard length of coriand3r knits Merino-Silk Shawl Length yarn, consider shortening the stockinette section pattern repeats by 1/2 inch to 1 inch each to make sure you'll have enough yarn to finish the pretty border at the end.​

The sample is pictured in coriand3r knits Merino Silk Shawl Length yarn.

by coriand3r knits


This is more of a recipe than a pattern.  See the notes in my project for details.   Once you get the hang of a Moebius cast on, this bulky cowl is a very quick and very easy knit to show off the beauty of a long-colour-change gradient in a bulky weight yarn.  The special effect is that it increases symmetrically from the inside out, so start with whichever colour you'd like to have as the "middle" stripe, and watch as the edges of the cowl finish in the "end" colour.


The project notes reference some very good online tutorials that I cobbled together.  They include Cat Bordhi's YouTube video instructions for the moebius cast on, Knitty's  2009 article describing Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off (JSSBO), and Liat from Knit Freedom's tutorial which describes how to tidy the final stitch in a cast off in the round.  This recipe isn't unique or complex, but it pieces together a few interesting techniques for a knockout finished item.

by Laura Nelkin



I knit this sample for the 2018 K-W Knitters' Fair in honour of our speaker, Laura Nelkin.

The pattern is written for gradient minis but is even easier with a long-colour change gradient as there are fewer ends to weave in.  It's a simple pattern, and easy to memorize, which for me makes a great travel project. The two-row repeat allows you to extend the cowl and use up all of your yarn. 


The sample is pictured in coriand3r knits SW Merino DK yarn.

by Orange Flower Yarn


This symmetrical triangle shaped shawl/scarf can be adjusted in size to use up all of your gradient yarn.  In my experience it works well when knit in Fingering weight, Sport weight and DK weight yarns.  The symmetry of the finished item is incredibly appealing in a gradient yarn.

The sample is pictured in a 50g skein of coriand3r knits Merino Nylon Sock yarn to create a small and light kerchief.

For a larger and warmer shawl/scarf similar to what the pattern describes, I recommend coriand3r knits SW Merino DK yarn.  One of my samples is based on this pattern in a black to red Merino DK gradient yarn.

by Janelle Martin



This pattern is written for a worsted or a bulky weight yarn, but in my quest to create samples using patterns by local designers, I tried it in fingering weight, and it turned out great!  Janelle Martin is a talented and prolific designer with whom I'm lucky to share the same home town.  :)

*picture coming soon* The sample will be in coriand3r knits Merino Yak Nylon yarn.

by Martina Behm


This asymmetrical shawl/scarf has been knitted thousands of times and is familiar to many knitters.  It's a well-written, straightforward pattern that can be adjusted to the length of your yarn.  The garter-stitch fabric allows colourful hand-dyed yarns to shine. 

*picture coming soon* The sample will be in coriand3r knits Merino Yak Nylon yarn and another in coriand3r knits Merino Silk Yak Singles yarn

by Susan Ashcroft

Published in Stitchnerd Designs


This is a boomerang shaped shawl/scarf that was my first knit with gradient yarn, and quickly became my favourite daily-wear scarf during the winter. 


*picture coming soon*

It's perfect for daily wear in in coriand3r knits SW Merino DK yarn (115g/250 yards).

It makes a luxuriously soft scarf in coriand3r knits Alpaca Merino Silk DK yarn.

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