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Hand Dyed Yarn

Made in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Hi, I'm Chantelle, the indie dyer and crafty nerd behind coriand3r knits

In all things fibre, I'm drawn to bold colours, and experiment a lot with different dye techniques.  My long-colour change gradient yarns are one of a kind by their nature, but I often return to similar colour combinations such as red to black, rainbows, and generally saturated colours.  For some examples, see the Gallery.

When I'm not at the dye pots, you might find me snuggling my doggo, sleeping under the stars, throwing pots, or trying unusual foods.  Et oui, je suis franco-ontarienne.  Vous pouvez m'addresser en français!

Your feedback and requests have led me down some interesting paths.  I love seeing what customers create with their coriand3r knits yarn, so please continue to share your projects, and tag me.  :)

My next scheduled events are:

Trunk Show @ Little Red Mitten, St. Thomas ON, Saturday, December 14th, 2019

Speaker @ K-W Knitters' Guild, Tuesday, January 14th, 2020


K-W Knitters' Fair, September 2020

Woodstock Fleece Festival, October 2020

Check out the Events page for more information.

I will announce additional trunk shows and other events as they are scheduled.


To contact me, use the form below to send an email, or message me on facebook, instagram or ravelry.